Frequently Asked QuestionsRegarding The Data File Backup Service
  • How secure is the FTP connection?
    • The server on which the FTP connection is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week both locally and remotely.  Upon connection of a FTP client to the server a user name and password are required prior to establishing a full connection.  When connected the ONLY data that can be viewed, uploaded, or downloaded is the data pertaining to that user name's account.
  • What type of security does your company put in place to ensure that there is not any unauthorized access to our files?
    • We utilize an industry standard firewall in addition to the extensive security that is set in place on the server itself.  Both the firewall and the server are monitored locally and remotely for 24/7 protection.
  • What should I do if I feel the security of my files has been compromised on your server?
    • Multi-Financial Services Company, Inc. will take the necessary actions to immediately stop any unauthorized access to any user account.  However, if you feel that your files have been compromised then you should discontinue the use of the service and notify our Support Department immediately.  This will allow our Support Department to view your data's log files to determine the source of the problem and take the necessary actions.
  • Our company needs more storage space over that in which we signed up for.  What should we do and who should we contact?
    • Storage space is monitored, however, your user account is setup initially with the storage size you originally requested.  Per the agreement you are only required to pay for the storage space that you use.  If your company needs to adjust the storage size allotted please notify our Backup System Administrator at and inform them of the size you need to increase to. 
  • How often is your server backed up and what process does your company take to ensure that my data can be restored at any time?
    • The data stored on your user area will be backed up by the server nightly.  There will also be a month end backup on the first Friday of each month.  The daily backup will then be stored for a minimum of two weeks before being re-used for additional backup purposes.  The monthly backup will be retained for a minimum of one full year. 
  • How long will the data be stored on your server for immediate access?
    • The data in each user's storage area will be retained for a minimum of one month prior to automatic removal unless an alternate time frame is agreed upon.
  • I have additional questions about your service but do not see them listed here.   Who do I contact?
    • Please direct any questions and/or comments in regards to this service to our Backup System Administrator at

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