Trakker™ Features & Benefits


Trakker™Loan Servicing Software is your affordable and comprehensive Loan Servicing Solution offering a wide range of features and able to handle numerous types of loans. Trakker™ is a user friendly Windows based program easily networked on such  servers as: WindowsNT, 2000, and 2003, Novell, Unix, Terminal Server, peer to peer, and even Linux. Although, designed for Windows 98 (and newer Windows operating systems), Trakker™can run on Macintosh computers via third party emulation software. Trakker™is designed with high quality features with attractive pricing. An easy-to-follow help file written in "plain English" & updated continuously, allows for comprehensive training.

Key features & benefits:

  • Compatiable with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10
  • Compatiable with Macintosh computers running Windows emulation software
  • Cost competitive
  • Easily transfer existing loans from other servicing systems
  • Ability to import one or thousands of loans
  • Accepts foreign currencies having decimal formats
  • Fannie Mae reporting ability

  • Crystal Reporter module to develop special management reports, invoices, letters, graphics, etc.

  • Easy to follow electronic help file - updated with each version change

  • Escrow tracking and payment processing

  • Investor account tracking

  • Handles several style loans:

    • Regular Amortizing                   °  Simple Interest

    • Interest Bearing                       °  Adjustable Rate
    • Interest Only                            °  Balloon
    • Deferred Accounts                    °  Hard Money
    • Zero Interest                            °  Short Term (Payday Loans)
    • Standard Mortgage                   ° Construction

  • An automated Past Due Collection System with many customizable features including:

    • Printing of past due notices       ° Collection log activity
    • Phone calls-to-make report        ° Delinquency and aging reports
    • Identify accounts at attorney, in foreclosure, or other situations

  • Numerous existing management reports
  • Electronically file 1098s with the IRS
  • Print couponbooks and receipts
  • Develop and print custom letters or use pre-designed letters
  • Automatically track insurance, tax due dates, and three more escrow dates
  • Ability to track other "Important Due Dates"
  • Unlimited network users
  • No "Per Workstation" Charges
  • FREE technical support via Toll-Free phone line (1-800-326-4112)
  • Capabile of handling more than 9000 separate Lenders
  • Ability to handle more than 32000 separate accounts
  • Individual customer files including insurance information and payment history information, etc.
  • Print annual 1098 forms by company
  • Print loan coupons and delinquent reminder notices
  • Run various reports for current status, delinquent status, etc. either by customer, company, or specific period.
  • Print amortization schedules with annual totals
  • Print individual payment history reports
  • Handle late charges and other charges
  • Record NSF returned checks
  • Track loans as "active," "delinquent," "paid in full," etc.
  • Password secure, with specific rights to access certain functions

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