Trakker Software Now Offers Increased Data Security and Control

TALLAHASSEE, Florida, Aug. 25, 1999 - Trakker-Loan Servicing Software package will now give users extra data security and control due to a recent upgrade. The upgrade includes a number of new features that will allow users to assign passwords for data access, add periodic fees and enhance customized letters. The recent upgrade comes in response to suggestions given from current and prospective clients. "The added security feature of password assignment will allow companies to better administer their data," said J. Terry Ryan, president of Multi-Financial Services. Servicing administrators can assign passwords to an unlimited number of employees that will give them the authority to purge accounts, add to or subtract from a loan's balance and add or subtract fees. "The ability to add periodic fees to loan balances for various reasons has been one of our most requested changes by clients," said J. Terry Ryan. "And as a customer driven organization, we were happy to add this feature," continued J. Terry Ryan. This new feature will allow clients to offer "Revolving Lines of Credit." Additionally, users are now able to change fonts, bold, underline and italicize characters in addition to setting left and right margins within their customized letters. The enhancement to the letter customization feature will give users more control over the messages they want to convey to their customers.

Multi-Financial Services provide free technical support and free upgrades for Trakker-Loan Servicing Software package. Also, Trakker-Loan Servicing Software has been Year 2000 compliant for over 5 years. About Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc.

About Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc.

Founded in 1989, Multi-Financial Services offers loan-servicing software for the mortgage loan finance industry. Its primary product, Trakker-Loan Servicing Software, is a loan servicing software package for small to medium sized mortgage companies. Through a marketing relationship with Contour Software, the company offers their servicing system as a "Trak-It" add-on feature to Contour Software users. The company also services community development loans for cities and counties nationwide and provides servicing consultation. The privately held company currently has 10 employees in Tallahassee, Florida. For more information about Multi-Financial Services or Trakker-Loan Servicing Software, contact J. Terry Ryan, president, at (800) 326-4112 or visit or

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