Trakker Software Implements Client Suggestions For Increased Data Security, Adds Additional Control Features To Program

Tallahassee, FL., Sept. 28, 1999- Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc. has upgraded it's Trakker loan servicing software package with extra data security, allowing users to assign passwords for accessing data, as well as adding periodic fees.

According to the president, J. Terry Ryan of Multi-Financial Services, many lenders suggested an enhancement that would enable them to change the balance of a loan due to extra fees accruing during collections, for example. Prior to the revamping of the Trakker Loan Servicing Software, it was not possible to either subtract or add fees to a loan balance.

"The added security feature of password assignment will allow companies to better administer their data," Mr. Ryan said. He Added that servicing administrators can assign passwords to an unlimited number of employees that will give them the authority to purge accounts, add or subtract from a loans balance, and add or subtract fees.

The addition of data security enhancement will also give lenders the ability to add products with in the loan portfolio. "The ability to add periodic fees to loan balances for various reasons has been one of our most requested changes by clients, and this new feature will allow our clients to offer revolving lines of credit," Mr. Ryan said.

Several hundred lenders are now using the Trakker Loan Servicing System Software, according to Mr. Ryan. In addition, Multi-Financial Services also services affordable housing loans for cities and counties and is currently handling loans in Tennessee and Florida. Multi-Financial Services has a portfolio of 3,500 affordable housing loans.

Mr. Ryan anticipates servicing loans nationwide within the next two years.

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