MDB Database Add-On Module for Trakker

The MDB Reporter is a database (based in Microsoft Access 2000) with an importer program that will import all of your Trakker™ data files. The data will be imported into tables with the relationships already setup for your company to immediately begin designing the report that you need. With this module you may attach a 3rd party software to the database or simply open the database in the program of your choice.

This will allow you to design the reports you need in a program that you are already familiar with. Support for this add-on module is paid for by your annual renewal fee for the Trakker™ software and is solely for the Trakker™ software, The Importer Module, and the MDB Database. If you experience problems with your 3rd party software you will need to contact that software's manufacturer or it's help documentation for support assistance.

Features and Requirements

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