Secure Remote Data Backup


Off-Site data storage provides your company or organization with the ability to have a secure computer data backup if one does not currently exits or a secondary backup should the primary backup ever fail.

Data file backups are extremely important for:

  • Protection - should a natural or man-made disaster ever occur
  • Protection - against accidental-human error to data
  • Protection - against fraudulent activity
  • Protection - against viruses, hackers, and other unwanted intrusions into your computer system or network
  • Meeting government regulations
  • Meeting concerns of investors, stockholders, directors, employees, and governmental entities

Special Features

  • You determine your backup schedule
  • You determine the files to backup
  • Flexibility in pricing based on several options for storage
  • Data can be transferred via: Mailing disks or CD's or Secure Internet FTP
  • Fast and Easy retrieval of any generation of data stored
  • Access to data at ANY time via Secure FTP (if utilizing the Server storage option)
  • High speed internet connection provides Fast and Easy uploads and downloads
  • Unlimited frequency of backups and restores
  • Physical security of your backed up data


There are multiple storage options available. If you do not see an option listed below that you are looking for please contact us and we will assist you as much as possible.

Off-Site Server Storage

Protect your data from user error, natural disaster or any other issue that may arise by storing your files securely off-site with Trakker’s Remote Backup Service. With the click of a button Trakker will zip up all of your data and safely and securely upload your files to our servers. All data is marked with the date and time that the data was uploaded and can be accessed by you at any time 24-7-365.

Up to 100Mb Only $50 per year
Over 100Mb Call for quote

Disk / CD Storage

Storage Facility | Storage (Monthly Rate) | Retrieval (Per Request)

Bank Vault | $10.50 | $10.00 + Shipping*

Monitored Mini - Storage | $5.25 | $10.00 + Shipping*

* Shipping method will be chosen by the client

Signing Up

To sign up for the service simply choose the "Sign Up" link below and fill out the sign up form and choose submit. A representative will contact you shortly after to complete the setup for this service.

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